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Our Story

Our Story

Sangak means little pebbles. 11th century Persian soldiers carried a small quantity of pebbles to build a ‘sangak oven’ which was used to bake bread for the entire army. The wholesome qualities of this tasty flatbread including fibre and protein made sangak a great source of energy and nutrition.

About Us

As a child growing up in the north of Iran on the foot of the snow capped Alborz mountain one of our founders, Mehdi, remembers his father and his uncle starting and running a very successful Sangak bakery. Their bread was known to be among the best in Tehran, which Mehdi later realised was because they were using a traditional sourdough and wholemeal recipe handed down to them by their late grandfather.

Over the years the quality of Sangak, made by most bakeries, has degraded due to cost cutting and bakeries using poor flour quality. Mehdi has always known that he will one day bring the bread back using his grandfather's original tasty, wholesome recipe and to introduce this to the UK market.

It was not until the three partners, Mehdi, Peter & Afshin got together that the idea was put into action and Pureté Sangak Flatbread was born.

The partners and Mehdi's daughter and all the family have worked very hard to make this dream a reality and after two years of testing and building, this new generation has been able to bring their grandfather's traditional recipe to the UK in a more modern and convenient packaging.

A final note:
​We are all friends and family who have known each other for over 25 years. For us its all about introducing a healthy, nutritious bread to the whole of Britain using quality ingredients. We bake bread the way it should be, without artificial preservatives, colours or flavours. We are non GMO and the bread is Vegan. Providing quality is in our blood.