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Easy Vegan Pizza

Quick and tasty vegan pizza made with just a few ingredients.

Serves: 3
Prep time: 15 mins
Total time: 15 mins


3 Sangak strips
5 Tbsp tomato pizza sauce

150g grated Mozzarella Cheese
Handful of cherry tomatoes, sliced
Handful of green and black olives
Dried Oregano and Red Pepper flakes
Handful of rocket


Step 1:
Lay three Sangak flatbread strips on a foil-lined baking tray

Step 2:
Pre-heat the oven to 190°C

Step 3:
Top the flatbreads with pizza sauce, vegan mozzarella, cherry tomatoes and olives

Step 4:
Sprinkle with the dried oregano and red pepper flakes

Step 5:
Transfer to oven and bake until golden and crisp, usually around 10-15 minutes

Step 6:
To finish, garnish with rocket leaves

Step 7:
Cut into triangles and serve