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Amazing Benefits Of Sangak Flatbread

Sangak is a traditional Iranian Flatbread. The recipe has suffered in recent decades due to mass produced flour and cost constraints. Purete has gone back to an eighty year old family recipe, using sourdough and wholemeal flour with no artificial preservatives, oil or harmful chemicals. Compared to many mass produced bread types, the tremendous health benefits like no added sugar, lower salt content than most other bread and the benefits of sourdough on your gut health are hard to ignore.

Better for insulin spikes & Cholesterol Balance

Containing only naturally occurring sugars give Sangak a lower glycemic index, making it a preferred option for diabetics looking for an alternative. This is a good deal for all people with or without such conditions to enjoy their bread without fear of a spike in insulin. The higher fibre content slows down the digestion process and helps with insulin spikes and also weight control.

The lack of added sugar and higher fibre content is also beneficial for people watching their cholesterol count.

Also, the amount of salt that is being used to produce this bread is completely favorable to the diabetic condition. Eating this bread is more than just to relish the taste for these patients but it a therapeutical advantage for them.

Helps Gut Health

The Purete Sangak bread is a probiotic food which helps with the natural flora of the gut and helps fight yeast infections. The main reason why this is possible is because the Purete Sangak bread is based on a traditional recipe made from carefully fermented sourdough and whole grain. This helps with the breakdown and absorption of important nutrients and keeps bad bacteria at bay.

Healthy gut means healthy body.

Eat Less, feel fuller

If you are finding it difficult to give up your bread on your quest to losing weight, then Sangak bread is the right bread to settle for. It is relatively high in fibre because it is not as refined as the other forms of bread. Also, when you eat a piece of this bread, you enjoy a satisfied feeling as though you have eaten more. 

Purete Sangak is a rare flatbread option with a wealth of health benefits and fantastic taste. It can be enjoyed with almost anything from sweet to sour and leaves you feeling light and your gut will thank you for it. Whats not to like?