Sangak Flatbreads tradionally baked over hot pebbles

Sangak means little pebbles.11th century persian soldier carried a small quantity of pebbles to built a ‘sangak oven’ which was used to back bread for the entire army

Tradional method of baking Sangak flatbreads
Enjoying freshly baked Sangak flatbreads

The wholesome qualities of this tasty flatbread including high fibre and protein made sagak a great source of energy and nutrition.

Sangak flkatbreads are good for you and your children containing no nasty ingredients

Love to Share

Hate waste


Love & food are meant for sharing and not wasting.
That’s why we at Pureté support the a charity that does just that!
The Felix Project simply helps adults and children have access to great quality food delivering to local charities and schools.
At the end of each baking day Pureté ensures a big bag of lovely fresh Sangak flatbread is donated to The Felix Project.
Read more about this important work.

The Felix Project, helping adults and children to access good quality food with a little help from Purete and Sangak flatbreads

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