Ditch the naan, embrace the Sangak!

Dip your Sangak flatbreads in your favourite curry!

Spice up your Sangak with an Indian cuisine – tear off some bread and dip it in hot curry!

Why swap your naan for our Sangak flatbreads? Let’s compare the two types of bread:

Naan bread typically is made with white flour. This is usually refined and can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. Naan breads usually contain unhealthy amounts of salt which is detrimental to those looking after their blood pressure.

Sangak bread is made with whole grain flour full of complete nutrients (that are stripped away when turned into white flour) and contains no added oil or sugar, and is low in salt. Great for dipping in curries!

Sangak flatbreads rank as one of the healthiest of breads from around the world. Sangak is often listed among the top 5 healthiest breads in the world.

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